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We’re not exactly sure what this is.

I ran into this video while trying to find the Rand Paul debate with that Don Lemon loser over at CNN. This is what I found instead. I don’t know exactly what it going on here. She says some stuff about the debt ceiling debate and shared sacrifice and taxing companies. To which I say two things.

1. The middle class American taxpayer is -through fees, taxes, proxytaxes and inflation- giving up something like sixty to seventy percent of their income so that the statists can buy votes from the tax eaters and payoff their corpratist cronies for services rendered. So why is it they are expected to give up any more of the small portion of their paycheck that hasn’t been stolen? The middle class has sacrificed enough. It’s somebody else’ turn.

2. Raising taxes on corporations is a clear situation of the pawn having been confused for the queen. Corporations don’t pay corporate taxes. Consumers pay corporate taxes nearly every time they buy products at a store. Corporate taxes are a proxy income tax that raises the cost of living on the middle class every time they are increased. But isn’t that how it always goes. The rich getting richer. But not on the backs of the poor. On the backs of the middle class and in the name of the poor.

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